Local Residents Unsupportive of New Development Plan

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Local Residents Unsupportive of New Development Plan

Local residents are up in arms over a development proposal to place large custom homes on Town Crier Lane in Markham. The proposal outlines that there would be eleven 5,000sqft homes on the 3-acre parcel of land. The development site, which is located off of Parkway Ave and next to the Grace Anglican Church was purchased by City Park Homes several years ago.

Residents are not the only ones who are upset about the proposed development plan. Karen Rea, the councillor who represents Markham Village, is not too thrilled about the idea either. Rea calls the development “out of whack”, arguing homes that are 5,000sqft are not allowed on 6,700sqft lots.

The City of Markham infill bylaw lot coverage limit is 45%. This means that a 3,000sqft home would be allowed on the proposed lot size of 6,700sqft. However, the proposed development is planning for 5,000sqft homes to be placed on the 6,700sqft lots. That equates to 84% lot coverage. Nearly double allowed by the bylaw.

Jacquie Gardiner, a local resident, has collected 111 signatures in opposition to the development plan. She states that she just wants council to keep within the bylaws.

Having such large custom homes can have both a positive and negative effect on a neighbouring home’s market value.  For those individuals who live in a smaller home and cannot expand any further, their homes could be impacted negatively when it comes time to sell. Also, homeowners on neighbouring streets such as Markham and Elm will have a visual distraction. They no longer have lovely greenspace to look at, rather the backs of these large homes.

There is a positive to having these custom homes in the community as an overall “halo effect” can occur. Newer, more luxurious homes can often influence other homes in the neighbourhood raising their status and resale value. From January 1st, 2017 until December 12th, 2017 there were 34 detached homes sold in Old Markham Village and the average price was $1,170,896.

City Council met on December 12th at 7pm to examine the recent development plan at the Markham Civic Centre.

Proposed Development Plan:

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