Unionville, Ontario: A Historic and Stunning Community

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Unionville, Ontario: A Historic and Stunning Community

Unionville, Ontario, a historically rich and visually stunning community.

In 1794, the Hardy families emigrated from Germany and Pennsylvania, led by William Berczy. They began working the fertile, untouched farmland several miles north of “Muddy York”, the prime ancestor of modern Toronto. The areas rich soil was well fed by a network of creeks and streams, part of today’s extensive Rouge River system. By 1840, the community had moved southward to a more protected part of the Rouge and the founding of Union Mills prompted the development of the modern settlement we know today.

Demographics have changed over the 170 years. According to the 2016 census, there are 123,318 people living in the Markham – Unionville Area. The community has become much more diverse and multi-cultural. Approximately 35,000 are English speaking and approximately 65,000 are Chinese speaking. Of those Chinese speaking individuals, 39,000 are Cantonese speaking and 26,000 are Mandarin speaking.

With many families flocking towards York Region it is no wonder why Unionville remains high on peoples wish list. There are 7,953 homes within the Community of Unionville. If you are looking to purchase one of these homes it will cost you on average $1,934,986*.  Unionville is well known for having academically advanced schools. St. Justin Martyr and William Berczy Elementary are both ranked 14th out of 2,900 by the Fraser Institute for math, writing and reading. For Secondary schools, Unionville High School is ranked 20th and Bill Crothers is ranked 42nd out of 740 schools.

Within the Community of Unionville lies its quaint Main Street. The centre of town and gathering for all events and activities.  Unionville’s Main Street has adapted over the years and many local and corporate businesses have learned to work together and keep Unionville thriving.

Unionville Main Street’s shops include:

Blue Bridal Boutique
Cigar Bodega
Mariani’s Custom Clothier
Old Fire Hall Confectionery
Too Good General Store
Floral Shops
Real Estate Offices
Lawyer Offices
Dental Offices
Flavours of Unionville Ice Cream Shop
Bochner Eye Institute
Starks Barber Company
Dairy Queen
Uncle Tetsu’s
Blacksmiths Bistro
Il Postino
Jakes on Main
Unionville Arms Pub and Grill
Boosters on Main
La Grotta Restaurant
Old Country Inn Restaurant

Unionville Main Street is also known for their popular festivals, such as Unionville Festival, Christmas Festival, and Jazz Festival.

Unionville is widely recognized as being a stand-in for fictional Connecticut town Stars Hollow during the first season of the Gilmore Girls television show. Notable people such as Hayden Christensen (Actor), Steven Stamkos (Athlete), Joe Bowen (Broadcaster) and James Duthie (Sports Analyst) are just a few people who called Unionville home.

Unionville Ontario has come a long way from its humble small-town beginnings.  It is now one of the most sought-after communities to live in, home to some of the greatest schools in the province and is famous for producing a variety of talented individuals.  The City of Markham, in which Unionville sits, proclaimed Main Street Unionville one of four Heritage Districts. If you are looking to move into Unionville, you better act quickly because homes for sale don’t last long.

*Based on Unionville sales of Detached homes January – October 2017

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