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Find some of the Best Commercial Real Estate in Markham, Stouffville & Unionville with Benczik Team Realty

It’s safe to say that the crisis is over. A once struggling commercial real estate market is now a surging powerhouse that is ripe with opportunity for investment. The Benczik Team Realty is an experienced team of commercial property experts dedicated to helping our clientele find the best opportunities for increasing their ROI, pad their pockets, and improve their cash flow. High prices in Toronto have pushed a new generation of tech-minded, service-oriented companies further out into the suburbs, increasing demand for our area’s property. Now is the time to get in on the action!

With deep knowledge of the local area, industry ties, and an eye for market trends, our team has the experience and dedication needed to help you find the right property to make you money. We’ll scour the area, devise a plan of action, take your budget and needs into account, and negotiate a deal on your behalf using only tried and tested techniques. Finding the right commercial real estate Markham isn’t easy, but with Benczik Team Realty it could be.

Commercial vs Residential: what’s the difference

Since we have a team of dedicated commercial real estate agents, we often get asked about the difference between traditional residential real estate and commercial. There’s a big difference. Whereas residential is about finding a home that fits a families needs, a person’s nuances, is in a nice trendy neighborhood, or next to a great local school, commercial real estate is about one thing and one thing only: dollars and cents. Can it make you money? Can you get every ounce of profit out of each square foot? Will it improve your cash flow or start to become a burden. These are the questions that our team of experts can answer for you.Net operating income, cash on cash, and a slew of other real estate terms might intimidate some buyers or agents. Not you and not our team. We’ll work hand-in-hand together to find a deal that will earn you a return on your investment.

The Benczik Team Realty

Any realtor can look at the price of property and recommend a purchase. It takes an expert to tackle the details on the margins that make a real difference. That’s where we ply our trade. We can do everything from evaluating the recent trends of a neighborhood, examining each minute detail of population, business openings, family income and employee salary to determine ripe investment opportunities – to devising an exit strategy that will give you the leverage you need to negotiate the price into your favour. We devise a plan with your budget, location, and financial goals in mind, taking into account your financing needs and more in order to hone each detail down to perfection. Through years of buying commercial real estate in Stouffville and the surrounding area, we’ve turned an art into a science.

Don’t buy commercial real estate in Markham, Stouffville, or Unionville without getting the help of the area’s more business savvy team.

I Guarantee to Sell Your Home or I'll Buy It!*
- Leslie Benczik, Broker

*Some conditions apply to the 28 days or we buy it program. Not all properties qualify and may be subject to a home inspection & staging consultation. Contact us for more details based on your specific real estate move.

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